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Thank you for Symbion! My stomach was completely better in 72 hours! Started Symbion with some oral Nystatin for thrush about 3 weeks ago. Dr did not believe me if course, didn't even test me!!! Gave me Cipro due to blood in urine which I did NOT take! Already my hair is silky and hair loss has nearly stopped, my nails are nearly clear, thrush is clearing up, my color is back, I'm not grey pale.  I've cut out all sugar and carbs and brain fog and eyes are better. Thank God the thrush appeared as my other health issues made it difficult to know what was up.  I will take symbion as long as I can afford it. Diet is tough but working....SYMBION FOR LIFE!!!


I have been taking Symbion for the past few months, and it’s certainly helping with my CFS. I know this because I lost the bottle for 2 months and then found it again, and the results speak for themselves. I’m back on it, and it works. Simple as that. My CFS is not cured, but it’s manageable now.



I have been using your probiotic product for around two months now and am very impressed with the results. For example, the acid reflux issue is gone, I sleep better, a rash I had on my forehead is virtually gone, and I have normal bowel movements! Randall M.

Hello! It's been a few weeks and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have found you and your testimonials regarding candida and Symbionprobiotics for life. I feel like a brand new woman!

After only five days, I began to notice that the fatigue, joint pain, gas, itchy skin, and mouth thrush were leaving my body. Miraculous!! Anyway, thank you! I will be in touch. Miriam J.

Your product has been a god send to our family, my wife and son still take the product and will continue to do so until we are healed. It has been the only product that does not give us die-off issues. Glenn S.

For years I have been suffering from wheat allergies, and have had them grow worse,from energy drain,mental fog,sleep,skin abrasions in the extreme and then they got worse. On the bright side you may not believe the turn around in just two weeks. I have lost 25 pounds,horrible skin problems are not just better; they totally disappeared. Cannot believe all the bad that is gone. My history, I am not a health groupy,far from it. I have lived in such a horrible state of numerous problems,health wise, that I thought I must be some kind of rare freak of nature. I write only so that any body that could use this stuff should try it with confidence and be very happy. I know you will be. E. Clark

I just wanted to express my thanks for your amazing product. As a long time sufferer of candida, I tried many other products through the course of 20 years. I've now been using Symbion for over 18 months and am so pleased with the results in terms of my general health as it relates to my energy, skin eruptions, nasal congestion, foggy thinking to name a few. As an authentic 'foodie' what is so truly exceptional about your product is the fact that I can now eat most anything and not feel affected negatively with proper moderation, timing, rotating of foods. Again thank you. I am leading a normal life now! C.F. _________________________________________________________

I can't get over the difference between the Symbion and Three lac - it is like night and day to me. I will take this for life. Stan B.


As a long-term Candida overgrowth patient I have used several products that helped me. However, by far the most effective and easily used treatment is Symbion Probiotics. This on-going condition is no fun as anyone with it knows, so a maintenance regimen that is simple and allows an eventual return to a reasonably normal diet is a blessing. The preparation is almost entirely probiotic supplement so I know I'm taking only what helps me and not ingesting fillers. I recommend Symbion Probiotics to any sufferer with the confidence that you will have the welcome return to health that I'm enjoying! Sam C. - Los Angeles ____________________________________________________________

THANK YOU! I suffer from a post-viral irritable bowel (which took numerous tests over a year to figure out), as well as gluten intolerance. My entire body Ph was so out of whack, I had no idea what was happening to me. I experienced everything from irregular menstrual cycles, chronic yeast infections, gas and the worst was the bloating. No matter what I ate, I instantly looked 6 months pregnant. I eliminated so many foods from my diet but was losing weight and had no energy. I did some on-line research and found your website. It has changed my life! I take four Symbion a day now and I am back to my regular self. I still have to stay away from gluten but Symbion has helped my entire body get back on track. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I recommend it to everyone I know. Angela A.


This is a great product - my wife has had SIBO for three years and Symbion is (finally) the only lactobacillis product to effectively recolonize her upper GI tract. After six rounds of rifaximin treatment for klebsiella 4+ and a host of other dangerous pathogens- we tried several other products before yours after each round of antibiotics and none worked. We found Symbion, used it for the past two rounds of antibiotic treatment, and her lactobacillis counts are WAY up along with other beneficials, and the klebsiella and other pathogens are under control and staying down. Blessings upon you. William D.


I struggled with extreme muscle and joint pain, on some days my pain was so bad that I had to crawl down the hallway or have my husband carry me to get to the bedroom. I had chronic yeast and urinary tract infections, chronic sinus problems, anxiety and insomnia, I had major intestinal problems, I had major acid reflux and stomach problems. I was sick for approximately 6-9 months and no doctors were able to help me, the doctors kept giving me more antibiotics and I was getting sicker and sicker. I was researching holistic health remedies and was referred to the symbion website and decided it couldn't hurt to try. I went off all antibiotics and started taking the symbion and little by little I was getting better. My pain went away and I no longer deal with all the infections I was chronically getting. I am sleeping so much better now. I don't completely understand what made me get better, but I know it was after I started the symbion and I never want to get ill like I was last year ever again, so I continue to take symbion and will never stop!
I started with the symbion 2 capsules a day and slowly built to 6 a day. It took a few months to get to where I am at now, but I believe the Symbion is what helped me get better. Last year I was chronically ill for 12 months, 9 of which I was so ill I was unable to work and had to quit my job. 3 months after starting the symbion I started working again and little by little I got better. I am now sleeping well and feeling great and just a few months ago I started running again. After the year I had last year, I never thought I would be able to run again, and I am amazed that I can. I'm 90% better and I am so thankful for finding Symbion. Kristin ____________________________________________________________

Hello,My symptoms were related to celiac disease, leaky gut, allergies, and candida. Symbion for life has made major improvements in my digestive system. I have come a long way (I'm at about 60% improvement so far), but still have a long way to go...Thank you for your product. Janet ____________________________________________________________

Dear Sir, I am a 40 year old male taking 3 capsules of Symbion per day for very bad sinus pain, i thought i was allergic to gluten. Also, bad heartburn. Great product - I'm 95% recovered from my symptoms. I think one latent benefit is that my skin Is clearer. Ever think of marketing this to zit-ridden teenagers? Todd ____________________________________________________________

Hello, I am taking Symbion for my CANDIDA! I'm at least 80% rid of it so far. Symbion has been the only product that has taken care of my problem. It has saved my life.. Great product!! Bonnie


Hi I am a female of 62 youthful years. Do not look my age. Have been a long suffering patient with Fibromyalgia (7 years +). Also, when my doctor put me on hormones, I began having problems with systemic yeast, not vaginal. I was using a product called Three-Lac and thought it was very good, but kept having problems so the owners referred me to your site. I have been using Symbion for a few months and have had dramatic results for the better, 90%-100% in my fibromyalgia. Also, it helps me to sleep which is a benefit since I've had to drop the hormones - 75%. My yeast problem has also improved by 70%. Will continue using Symbion and just about ready to order again....I have also referred other people to your site. Thanks for a great product! Linda ____________________________________________________________

Dear Sir, I am a 60 year old taking 2 Symbion a day with great results for my very bad constipation, fatigue, and muscle aches. So far, I'm about 70% better in my symptoms. My Husband discovered your product on the Internet, several years ago and I have not stopped using it. It has helped a great deal in how I feel. We will be placing another order in the next day or so. Thank you, Susan


Hi, I worked my way up to six capsules a day and wanted to report my results to you folks.For 5-6 years an inner-ear itch and crackling sound - completely gone. 100% I have not had a cold or any sickness in the last two years since taking Symbion (I have six children and am exposed to sickness quite a bit) 100%- dry itchy skin no longer a problem 100%. John H. ____________________________________________________________

Hi, I've noticed significant improvement on the itchy skin and breakouts. I have been without the symbion for 1 month though and have noted a rapid decline in my level of relief, so am back on it and up to 6 capsules a day now. Have been introducing problem foods just after a couple of weeks of taking symbion faithfully, so I probably would have done better steering clear of gluten for a while longer. I also have my daughter taking it as well, she is 10. with severe itchy skin and stammering associated with gluten and wheat intolerance. While on symbion her skin cleared and the stammering lessoned while she ate what she wanted. We are very happy with the results and intend on continuing our regimen with symbion. Faith ____________________________________________________________

Dear Sir, I am a 48 year old woman and have been taking 4 Symbion capsules a day now for relief of my migrains and digestive problems.I tried this because I happened to find your website. I liked what I read so I tried it and it really works (I'm 98% better). My migrains are gone and my stomach pain after eating cucumbers and acidic foods is also gone. I do not know if other products will have the same outcome but do not care to find out. I have stopped taking my prescription for migrains - it is so much better not having them than having one and taking a pill and waiting for it to go away. Thanks, Terri ____________________________________________________________

Hello, I am a 34 year old female taking two Symbion a day for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. On a scale of 1 to 10, I am already at a 9 - bloodtest and physical exam show no evidence of the RA now but still get occasionally stiff. I consider this product part of my RA CURE! Thank you so much, Rachel ____________________________________________________________

Hi, The reason I'm writing this is to help those with IBS. One of the biggest problems with IBS concerns staying regular. Last year right before I started taking the Symbion, my IBS had me stopped up for one week. After about 1 week on Symbion my IBS disappeared and never came back (I gave some to three other people I know and they all had the same experience). I hope this is helpful to those looking for real solutions.
I'm usually skeptical when it comes to natural remedies, I'm a pretty practical guy, but you can't argue these facts. The Symbion changed my life and the lives of many people I've told about it. It's been nothing short of a small miracle. Thanks again. It was the great info on your web site that confirmed my thoughts on my condition and put me on the road to recovery.
Thanks Again.

I have had acid reflux, allergies, chronic necks problems and my chiro. thinks I have had some Fibromyalgia. I've also had irritable bowel syndrome. When I first started to take Symbion, I could tolerate very few foods, I lost a lot of weight, looked really bad, but now I can eat a lot of different things. I have had numbness in my feet, face and hands that is a lot better. I had misalignments in my neck, which made me almost 90% bedfast last winter, I couldn't go anywhere without help. Was in the emergency room 3 times, numerous mri's and xrays. Now I lay around very little, still have some neck problems but I would say they are 85% better. I haven't had a cold or sinus problems since I have been on Symbion. I would say my improvement is at 80% at this time, some days are better than others. I just started going into stores by myself recently, that's very good.
V. B.

My major symptoms were Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I seemed to be getting more and more tired and felt sick all the time, with aches and pains. Woke up every morning with a backache, which doctors Xrayed and said I had arthritis in my spine. I had sore throats all the time, lots of mucus discharge. Just didn't feel well and felt like I was getting progressively worse. Going to doctors over the years, was fruitless as all they did was prescribe more anti-biotics. So I self treated myself and searched for answers until I found your website. I have wonderful energy now and it's a marked improvement in my overall health since starting Symbion.
I would say that I have 80% or 90% improvement of my IBS. Symbion has been a God send. I'd hate to think what kind of condition I'd be in without this. Best, D.R.
After a week of the flu I am very surprised to find myself considerably better. I realise that I have been ill for about 36 years and that it might take a little while to get rid of it completely, but I thought I would list the improvements I have had so far: nervous tummy and panicky feelings were better and hopefully will be again soon, depression lifted, senses feel more alive. People have commented on my voice sounding better and I feel I am getting my personality back, irritable bowel symptoms much improved, dry mouth and swallowing problems gone, blood sugar problems much better. I went to reverse park my car today and realised I could turn my head to look out of the back window without stiffness or pain. It has been a longterm problem. I have also noticed that my hair which was brittle and dry is much softer and my dry, sore hands are now silky smooth. I feel I can start to look forward to my future now. Best Wishes, Wendy

I would like to THANK YOU for your site... it has changed my life. I keep thinking it can't possibly really work but it keeps working! I can walk up and down stairs now, I don't limp, I don't favor one side over the other or need help getting in and out of the car, I don't nap during the day anymore... the list goes on and on... I wonder now if I really have Fibromyalgia? My pain has decreased 80% which after 5 years of medical treatment and only getting worse and developing more complications like IBS, bursitis, diverticulitis, seems like a miracle. I was practically bed ridden for 2 years, with a baby no less. I can PLAY with my kids now, and am actually thinking about working...
Anyway, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart... I feared this was just another "thing" that would work for a while and then stop.
S. D.

Just to say thanks - I read your website and ordered - and I have noticed a vast improvement in many of my IBS/FMS symptoms.
The pains everywhere in my abdomen are reducing and I can almost feel the product doing its work. My muscles feel looser, especially my neck and shoulders - I have proper feeling back in my left arm for the first time in ages - the tingling and burning in my toes and fingers has all but disappeared.
I had completely lost faith in all doctors after thousands of hospital tests - Hopefully the end of this 14 year+ nightmare is at an end and as I am 32 I would very much like to get on with life!!!! This is all thanks to a chance discovery of your site - I hope as I feel I will I just continue to improve.
In my work as a Scientist developing systems for early detection of bowel diseases I had heard so many clinicians (gastroenterologists) dismiss the disease as not existing that I was always in two minds and even though my symptoms were so broad I'd go from type two diabetes to fibromyalagia to arthritis back to Candida.
I think I might have an answer and it really was thanks to your site - so far I am amazed -long may it continue

I started with the Symbion a little over two weeks ago and I am completely sold. It's great stuff! My situation includes moderate Crohn's Disease. The Symbion seems to have made a huge difference. The most blatant sign is clearing of acne, but there is also a remarkable lack of abdominal pain. Thanks so much for maintaining the website. You may have saved my life.
Huge thanks,

A friend of mine who knew I was suffering from extreme eczema on my feet, causing them to crack and bleed, and to a lesser extent on my hands, emailed me your webpage. After reading it, I ordered the Symbion and I have been on them now for two weeks. My feet and hands have cleared up beautifully, and I have lost some weight.
I have suffered for years with IBS (with fecal incontenence) chronic extreme fatigue, UTI's, rosacea, fungus on my toenails and fingernails, athlete's foot, coated tongue, extremely sensitive skin on my face and thighs, itching of my legs, and just before I started on the program, real pain in my joints, especially hips, after seating for a while. When I got up to walk, it was embarrassing as for the first few steps, it was painful, it looked as though I were physically challenged in some way. That has stopped, along with most of the other symptoms.
Ive been taking Symbion I think for about three days. My irritable bowel has been greatly improved and I'm not having panic attacks. That's a good thing. Thanks, C.N.

I just want you to know that at present I feel very well..
People are commenting on how different I seem. I have also lost 15lbs (perhaps more) getting weighed tonight.. all my bloating has gone.. my I B S has improved no end. I hope it stays this way!

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